CHOP Respite Garden

What's New and How We Are Helping...

In August of 2015 the Matthew Renk Foundation completed a brand new project with CHOP's Ambulatory Care Center.

CHOP Respite Garden

The building is designed to provide patients with views of the plaza and roof garden. Studies show that green space provides a calming influence that reduces stress, speeds the healing process, and increases productivity. Patients often report feeling better after spending time in a garden and tolerate medical procedures more easily. The newly created landscapes embody the Buerger's Center's mission as a designated place for reflection, recovery and healing by using the best sustainable practices and green initiatives, which in turn reflect a lush and healthy ecology.

With philanthropic support from the Matthew Renk Foundation, we went...

From This...

To This!

With philanthropic support from the Matthew Renk Foundation, this project has reached its completion, reinforcing the building as a place of comfort, healing and all-around excellence.


The Foundation has been inducted into the Founders Society of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Founder's Society members are part of a family that sustains Children's Hospital: the generous donor community which will carry through the challenging years ahead and beyond.

Our friends at the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney in Denver, Colorado successfully prosecuted the "think GREY" trademark applications on behalf of the Foundation. Special thanks to Stephen Zemanick and his team for their hard work and assistance with this important component of our work.

We continue to evaluate new opportunities to assist those battling cancer, and in particular childhood brain cancer. As part of this effort, we are actively engaged with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to explore how we can help that organization with its efforts to fight childhood cancers.

We continue to provide support to families with family members battling brain cancer. We are proud to announce that we were able to provide financial support to these families with funds raised through the Matthew Renk Foundation.